Programme Structure

A four year PhD programme

CDT-ACM operates an integrated PhD programme in which our students undertake a structured training programme throughout their PhD studies. The programme covers both technical content that all students should know, as well as optional sector-specific courses, and further skills training courses. It revolves around four strands: PhD research (including a placement), core technical skills, specialist technical skills and transferrable skills (including engagement and outreach). The training takes several forms: taught courses, practicals (on-site and via remote access), group projects, student-led seminars, summer schools and industrially-led technical challenges.

Research-wise, students benefit from a PhD project conceived and developed jointly by researchers at least two of the partnering institutions (i.e. Imperial, UCL, Trinity College Dublin) and/or involving an industrial partner. As a result, each student has at least two supervisors: either two academics or an academic and an industry partner.

Course-wise, modules focusing on core and specialised technical skills  are delivered as whole cohort activities. We encourage peer-to-peer learning and development of cross-institution cohort building. The students understanding and progression through the technical courses are evaluated through submitted coursework and projects with constructive feedback provided.

Daphné Lubert Perquel

The CDT provided me with the tools to develop my career as a researcher and to participate in Outreach activities to broaden my skills. I really enjoyed my time as a student in the CDT and look forward to continuing collaborations with the research groups there.