CDT Outreach – a key component

At the ACM-CDT, we consider that achieving ‘real world’ impact through public engagement to be a core skill. Our CDT is publicly-funded and it is our duty as scientists to explain to the public what we are doing and why.

Importantly, we hope (and need!) to inspire the next generation to pursue their future in STEM subjects whatever their background or demographic. More than this though outreach is fun and rewarding! Common activities that involve our PhD students include school lessons, press articles, blogs, science festivals, podcasts, music festivals and science clubs. Outreach also cements our own scientific knowledge, as the famous physicist Richard Feyman stated “If you can’t explain something in simple terms you don’t understand it”.

However, outreach is not easy and as part of our training programme we are delighted to provide training in a range of outreach activities by partnering with PPL-PWR an organisation co-founded by ACM-CDT alumni Josh Bailey. Last year (2020-21) this was delivered online and the outputs can be found here and range from a Climate Change youtube video, Scientific blogs and Podcasts on Inclusion and diversity in STEM and on Breaking the Mental Health Stigma. Throughout your PhD. you will have the opportunities, training, co-workers and strong encouragement to realise your own outreach aims.

Nadir Basma

What differentiates the ACM CDT is the increased familiarity with facilities, techniques, and academic groups gained from working between the two partner universities. The option of being co-supervised by an academic from each university provides a wider breadth of multidisciplinary expertise to you and your project, and the resulting exposure to a larger community helps in building more personal and professional relationships.