Daphné Lubert-Perquel

2019 Graduate

Project: Combining Film Design and Spectroscopic Strategies to Elucidate Triplet Dynamics in Molecular Systems.

My project investigated the photophysical processes in molecular thin films and I learned several experimental techniques that have since been translated to other projects with several international collaborations. I was based at Imperial College under the supervision of Professor Sandrine Heutz and co-supervised by Professor Chris Kay from UCL. As a research placement, I was invited to the University of Kobe in Japan which was an incredible experience.

I am now a postdoctoral researcher at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and affiliated to the Department of Physics at the University of Florida. My work is centred around electron spin resonance spectroscopy and focuses on molecular systems for quantum information processing. I have also been awarded the Directors Fellowship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory starting next July. This new project will combine all my previous experience to work on spin dynamics at interfaces.