Group Videos by Cohort 8

Videos by the first year students

Back in October 2021 we welcomed our new cohort of students, As part of their induction they were put into groups to make a video on an characterisation technique. The four groups created four amazing videos, All the Cohorts met online on Friday 10th December to view the finished videos and vote for the best. Group 2 members: Felix Mildner, Alex Moriarty, Emma Bryan, Julian Carolan and Esra Alhabshi won the best video for the video on Atomic Force Microscopy with a very close runner up from group 4 students; Bradley Lewis, Nikola Kolev, Georgia Predila, Arnie Sasnauskas and Adriana-Monica Radu on their video on Raman Spectroscopy.

View the videos below:

Best video by group 2 :

View the other three videos below.

Jennifer Hack

The CDT gave me the opportunity to meet people working in different fields and gain experience in a wide range of characterisation techniques that I could apply to my research.