Racketts Cubed Programme

Outreach activity collaborating with Racketts Cubed

Third year student Seigo Masuda (CDT cohort 4) helped to initiate and work with Rackets Cubed, a charity that runs integrated Squash, Tennis, Education (STEM / Maths) and Nutrition for local school children. Seigo is currently doing a PhD in ‘Multiscale characterisation of 2D nanomaterials in the environment for assessment of their potential hazards’ with Professor Alex Porter is also passionate about playing squash. Rackets Cubed along with Move imperial and the CDT ACM run a 6-week pilot programme in November 2019. More details on its success can he read here.

The CDT is looking forward to working with Rackets cubed for the next stage of its programme and would like to congratulate Seigo for all his hard work.