Summer School 2021

Getting all the cohorts together

The CDT Summer school took place at the end of september 2021 at Regents University in London. It brought together all the students from each cohort, from Imperial college London, UCL and Trinity College Dublin for the first time since March 2019. The two day event hosted talks from students from Cohort 7, 5 and 4 whilst cohort 6 students presented posters. Guest speakers included Matt Klug from Oxford PV, Jeffrey de Vero from CERES, Dr Maxie Roessler from Imperial College London.

A special talk was given by Michaela Muehlberg from Royal Society of Chemistry on ‘How to publish with impact’. Alumni and recent graduate students also joined to celebrate and give advise to the current cohorts.

Best talk prizes were given to cohort 4 students Tommaso Costantini & Seigo Masuda, Cohort 5 student Alex Chan and cohort 7 student Aoife Kavanagh. Best poster presentation was given to Cohort 6 student Samia Said.

Elwin Hunter

Studying my PhD as part of the ACM CDT not only provided me with valuable training courses and workshops on characterisation techniques, but also regular academic seminars, team activities, and discussions to help expand my interests, both inside and outside of research.