AML Outreach Activity with CDT-ACM Students 2022

Interactive Microscopy Outreach Programme presented by Dr Megan Canavan (Research Fellow) with CDT students to 4th class primary school children

At the end of our two week training course at the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML) of Trinity College, myself and the other students in my cohort were able to get involved in an outreach programme. 4th class students of ages 9-10 from St Patrick’s School came to the AML to learn about nanomaterials from the AMLs’ own Dr Megan Canavan. We helped the students to learn about material conductivity using wood, plastic, metal and glass as part of a circuit. We then helped the students to build graphene structures using marshmallows and wooden sticks. The students built some great structures and showed great teamwork. Finally they used microscopes to look at salts, hair and anything else they could get their hands on. I was able to put my training at the AML to good use in helping to focus the microscopes! Overall it was a great day and felt rewarding to be able to communicate science and current research with the students

Julian Carolan Cohort 8
Ryan Bower

I really enjoyed my time as a member of the CDT-ACM. It provided the opportunity to gain experience with a wide range of materials characterisation techniques and to engage with the wider research community by participating in conferences and Outreach events.