Aasim Shaffi

University College London


Research Project: Layered double hydroxide nanomaterials
Neal Skipper (UCL), Milo Shaffer (Imperial)

Aasim graduated with a masters in Chemistry (MChem), from Loughborough University. Aasim then worked as a researcher, where he looked at 3D-printing systems, which created objects via the curing of photopolymer resins. In particular, he looked at hybridising these resins with inorganic nanoparticles, to enhance their properties. Aasim is now undertaking his PhD, which is based in the Physics Department at UCL and the Chemistry Department at Imperial College. His project looks at a class of materials, known as Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH); he will aim to understand these materials on a more fundamental level. Furthermore, Aasim will optimise the chemistry of LDHs, in order to render them more effective in their various applications.