Aisling Hussey

Trinity College Dublin


Research Project: Spin transport properties of interfaces with antiferromagnetic materials
Supervisors: Igor Shvets (TCD), Lesley Cohen (ICL)

Aisling graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Nanoscience in 2022. For her final year research project, Aisling worked in the Coey group at the CRANN research institute in TCD. This project was focused on the use of X-ray photoemission spectroscopy to analyse the oxidation and diffusion between layers within a magnetic multilayer structure. Aisling became interested in materials characterisation during this project. For her PhD, Aisling will be working in Igor Shvets’ Applied Physics group. Aisling’s PhD project will involve making samples of magnetic materials, including multilayer structures, and investigating them using characterisation techniques as well as magnetic measurements.

Joshua Bailey

Being part of the CDT-ACM was an all-round fantastic experience; I not only received great training in a range of advanced characterisation techniques, but I also made strong links with industry and strong bonds with my cohort which have both led to fruitful collaborations.