Angus Pedersen

Imperial College London


Research Project: Single iron atoms coordinated to nitrogen within carbon electrocatalysts for fuel cells and electrolysers
Magda Titirici (Imperial)

Angus has joined the ACM CDT from the University of Bath, where he studied MEng Chemical Engineering with Industrial Placement. During his 3rd year, Angus conducted his research project abroad at the University of Auckland, where he investigated the Microencapsulation of Phase Change Materials using a variety of characterisation techniques, sparking his interest in joining the ACM CDT. Before graduating, Angus completed his industrial placement year at Thames Water in the Clean Water Innovation department testing novel filter media and dissolved air flotation processes to improve the resilience and sustainability of Thames Water assets.Angus’ current research interests lie in Nano-materials and sustainability.

Elwin Hunter

Studying my PhD as part of the ACM CDT not only provided me with valuable training courses and workshops on characterisation techniques, but also regular academic seminars, team activities, and discussions to help expand my interests, both inside and outside of research.