Annie Regan

Trinity College Dublin


Research Project: Synthesis and Characterisation of Green Magnetic Nanomaterials by Hydrothermal Injection for Biomedical Applications
Supervisor:  Peter Dunne (TCD)

Annie graduated with a BA in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2019. Over the course of this degree she worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Prof. Peter Dunne’s group in TCD, working on a green synthetic protocol for hollow, spherical copper sulphide microparticles. She then went on to complete her final year project and undergraduate thesis with Prof. Daniel Gamelin at the University of Washington in Seattle, after successfully obtaining a place in the UW VISIT program in 2018. Here she worked on the chemical synthesis and characterisation of 2D ferromagnetic chromium triiodide nanocrystals and similar doped species. She is now starting her PhD in Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin, in the first year of their collaboration with the UCL and ICL CDT program.