Anouk L’Hermitte

Imperial College London


Research Project: Porous boron nitride – moving up the scale
Camille Petit (Imperial), Leslie Bolton (BP-ICAM)

Anouk graduated with an MPhil in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge (2016) and an MSc in Physics & Chemistry at ESPCI ParisTech in France (2015). During her studies, Anouk did several internships in industry and in academia, including a research placement in bioengineering at Hokkaido University in Japan. Before starting her PhD, she worked for two years as a research engineer in the FMCG industry near London.
Anouk is pursuing her PhD in the Multifunctional Nanomaterials group at Imperial College London. She is focusing on porous boron nitride used for molecular separations, in collaboration with BP-ICAM (International Centre for Advanced Materials). Her project involves improving the porosity and stability of boron nitride and scaling up its synthesis process for industry purposes, such as reducing energy consumption in separation processes.