Azeezat Ali

University College London


Research Project: Engineering Solutions to Reduce the Environmental Impact of the Energy Sector – Salt Effects on Fluid Properties under Confinement
Alberto Striolo (UCL), Matteo Salvalaglio (UCL)

Azeezat graduated from the University of Manchester with a BEng in Chemical Engineering. She then went to complete an MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD research is in the Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics group in the Chemical Engineering department at UCL. Her project looks at the thermodynamic and structural properties of confined fluids. This is in relevance to carbon dioxide sequestration in geological repositories and enhanced oil recovery. The aim is to determine how water, carbon dioxide, salts, and oil interact on different mineral substrates (calcite, kaolinite, quartz etc) at various conditions (temperature, pressure, salinity).