Dr Bernice Akpinar

Imperial College London


Bernice graduated in 2019 and currently working at Kings college London

Research Project: Manufacturing and characterising biomimetic nanpores.
Bart Hoogenboom (UCL), Joshua Edel (Imperial)

Prior to her PhD studies Bernice completed an MChem at the University of Sheffield where her final year was spent specifically researching the properties of nanoparticles synthesised via polymerisation induced self-assembly. During her degree, Bernice completed a year’s industry experience developing new sore throat treatments for RB in Hull. Inspired by the Nuclear Pore Complex, the focus of Bernice’s PhD project is to manufacture well-defined polymer-coated nanopores where collective phase transitions of the polymers can yield discrete changes in nanopore permeability. Visualization of polymer configurations inside the nanopore as a function of experimental conditions and nanopore dimensions will enhance understanding of transport mechanisms through these pores.