Carolina Borrelli

University College London


Research Project: Nanoscale characterisation of broad-spectrum polymyxin antibiotics on live bacteria
Supervisors: Bart Hoogenboom (UCL),  Andrew Edwards (ICL)

Carolina graduated from UCL in 2022 with an MEng in Biomedical Engineering. She became interested in materials characterisation during her internship in the Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham, where she characterised bio-scaffolds for cartilage repair using Atomic Force Microscopy. Carolina is now based in the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), and in the Edwards lab at Imperial in the MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology and Infection (CMBI). Carolina’s PhD project focuses on investigating the mechanisms of action of different polymyxin antibiotics on live bacterial membranes using Atomic Force Microscopy and Fluorescence Microscopy.

Jennifer Hack

The CDT gave me the opportunity to meet people working in different fields and gain experience in a wide range of characterisation techniques that I could apply to my research.