Caroline O’Sullivan


Research project:

New magnetic-plasmonic nanomaterials for biosensing applications


Yurii K. Gun’ko (TCD) and Nguyen TK Thanh (UCL)

Caroline graduated with a BA in Medicinal Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2023. During this degree, she worked as a research intern in Prof. Isabel Rozas’ research group in TCD on the development of porphyrin guanidinium conjugates for cancer therapy. She then went on to complete her final year project in Prof. Yurii K. Gun’ko’s group in TCD, focusing on the development of new metal-carbonate coated magnetic-biocompatible nano- and micro-structures for biomedical applications. She will be continuing working in Prof. Yurii K. Gun’ko’s group for her PhD, where she will focus on developing novel magnetic-plasmonic nanostructures and their bioconjugates for biosensing and the detection of viral species.

Ryan Bower

I really enjoyed my time as a member of the CDT-ACM. It provided the opportunity to gain experience with a wide range of materials characterisation techniques and to engage with the wider research community by participating in conferences and Outreach events.