Claudia Tatiana Santos Maldonado

Imperial College London


Research Project: Hydrogen Embrittlement in 3D printed Inconel 718 superalloy
Minh-Son Pham (Imperial), Roberto Morana (BP-ICAM)

Claudia graduated from the University of Barcelona with a BSc in Geology. In her last year she discovered the minerals and materials world and fall in love with the subject. After a gap year and pursuing a MSc at the University of Surrey she decided to enhance her knowledge in advanced materials characterisation. Claudia is now undertaking her PhD at the Department of Materials at Imperial College and in association with British Petroleum (BP). They aim to improve the properties of superalloy Inconel 718 (widely used in Oil & Gas industry and with applications also in aerospace and medical sector) via the deep understanding of 3D manufacturing process, microstructure and properties.