Corrin Blake

University College London


Research Project: Phase Behaviour and disruption in model bacterial cell envelopes
Supervisors: Bart Hoogenboom (UCL), Luke Cliffton (ISIS)

Corrin Blake is a Master of Chemistry graduate from the University of St Andrews. She is now based in the London Centre for Nanotechnology, where she is carrying out her PhD research project under the supervision of Prof. Bart Hoogenboom. Her research is focused on the development of new models for bacterial outer membranes, with the main aim being to achieve incorporation of outer membrane proteins. The structure and phase behaviour of the model membranes will be characterised primarily using atomic force microscopy and neutron reflectometry. The interactions of antimicrobials with these models will be investigated with the aim to guide the development of novel antibiotics.

Daphné Lubert Perquel

The CDT provided me with the tools to develop my career as a researcher and to participate in Outreach activities to broaden my skills. I really enjoyed my time as a student in the CDT and look forward to continuing collaborations with the research groups there.