Edoardo Angela

Imperial College London


Research Project: Engineering Metal Halide Perovskites for Filterless Photodetectors
Supervisors: Martyn McLachlan (ICL), Nicola Gasparini (ICL)

Edoardo graduated from Imperial College London with a MEng in Materials Science and Engineering. He is now part of the Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Characterisation group, working under the supervision of Prof. Martyn McLachlan and Dr. Nicola Gasparini. His research will focus on photodetectors; devices which see layers of different semiconducting materials sandwiched between two electrodes in order to detect light. Such devices can detect different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum by changing the active layer semiconductor, making them suitable for a plethora of applications. In particular, Edoardo will be looking at perovskite photodetectors, and how each thin film layer can be optimized and engineered to deliver the best performances for the different applications.

Jennifer Hack

The CDT gave me the opportunity to meet people working in different fields and gain experience in a wide range of characterisation techniques that I could apply to my research.