Edward Gannon

Trinity College Dublin


Research Project: Evaluation of 3D Photogrammetry Tools for Applications in the SEM
Lewys Jones (TCD)

Edward graduated from University College Dublin in 2018 with a BSc in Chemistry in 2018. His final year project with Prof. Kenneth Dawson introduced him to nanotechnology and material science, working with ultra-small gold nanoparticles and their interactions with cancer cells. After being awarded the Intel Scholarship, he went on to study the formation of nanocomposites of iron oxide nanoflowers and graphene oxide under Dr. Dermot Brougham, completing his MSc in Nanochemistry from UCD in 2019. He is now studying for his PhD, through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Characterisation, with the Ultramicroscopy Group investigating photogrammetry on the microscale for 3D SEM imaging.