Eleanor Cripwell

Trinity College Dublin


Research Project: Synthesis, Characterisation and Application of Electro- and Thermochromic Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Prepared by Hydrothermal and Solvothermal Synthesis

Supervisors: Dr. Peter Dunne (TCD), Dr. Robert Palgrave (UCL)

Eleanor graduated with a BA in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2023. For her final year research project, she worked with the Dunne group in TCD where she carried out research on the hydrothermal synthesis of quantum dots. Through this she garnered an interest in both green synthetic methods and materials characterisation. For her PhD, she will be working on the green synthesis of metal oxides and exploring how the physical properties and doping effect the materials’ behaviour and performance. The overall aim of her project is to establish green and easily processable routes towards device manufacture.

Elwin Hunter

Studying my PhD as part of the ACM CDT not only provided me with valuable training courses and workshops on characterisation techniques, but also regular academic seminars, team activities, and discussions to help expand my interests, both inside and outside of research.