Enny Tran

Imperial College London


Research Project: Spinning sustainable carbon fibres for the energy transition
Supervisors: Dr Agi Brandt-Talbot (ICL), Dr Adam Clancy (UCL), Prof Milo Shaffer (ICL)

Enny graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci in Chemistry in 2023. She worked in the Brandt-Talbot group during her final year on the use of polymers for the fabrication of sustainable lignin-based carbon fibres using a low-cost and recyclable ionic liquid. For her PhD, Enny is developing the wet-spinning of carbon fibres from lignin and carbon nanotubes to form more uniform and aligned fibres with improved mechanical properties. This involves the use of characterisation techniques to analyse the surface morphology of the resulting fibres at various stages of processing.

Nadir Basma

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