Geri Topore

Imperial College London


Research Project: Mesoscopic electric field predictions and specimen shape measurements to improve reconstruction in atom probe tomography
Supervisors: Baptiste Gault (ICL), Michele Conroy (ICL), Finn Giuliani (ICL)

Geri graduated from the University of Manchester with an MEng in Materials Science in Engineering, with a focus on functional materials and devices and nanomaterial characterisation. His research at Imperial focuses on doing correlative studies of (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy or (S)TEM and Atom Probe Tomography (APT) in order to study the magnetism and polarisation relationship in thin film multiferroic materials, with potential uses in low-energy electronic devices. These materials are difficult to digitally reconstruct using APT due to their complex layered nanostructure, thus the aim is to improve APT reconstruction algorithms by aiding the analysis with additional structural data acquired with (S)TEM.

Jennifer Hack

The CDT gave me the opportunity to meet people working in different fields and gain experience in a wide range of characterisation techniques that I could apply to my research.