Ioannis Ierides

University College London


Research Project: Characterisation of organic semiconductors for the development of high efficiency photovoltaics
Fracno Cacialli (UCL), Natalie Stingelin (Imperial), Hugo Bronstein (Cambridge)

The focus of Ioannis’s PhD project is to modify the binding energy of excitons in fullerene and non-fullerene acceptors by increasing their dielectric constants. Applying these materials to ternary blends Ioannis aims to enhance the efficiency of solution processed organic photovoltaics. He is also interested in using electroabsorption spectroscopy to engineer electrode-semiconductor interfaces in perovskite photovoltaics. Prior to his PhD studies, Ioannis completed a BSc in Physics and an MRes in Nanomaterials at Imperial College London where he researched solution processed photovoltaics based upon inorganic nanocrystals.