Jac Davies

University College London


Research Project: Study of femtosecond scale charge carrier dynamics in perovskites and TiO2 using time resolved photoemission spectroscopy.
Supervisors: Prof Geoff Thornton (UCL), Prof. Helen Fielding (UCL)

Jac graduated from Imperial College in 2021 with an MSci degree in physics. For his thesis he worked in Imperial’s MAGPIE facility under Prof Sergey Lebedev to study shockwaves in magnetised and supersonic plasma flows. Jac is now at UCL studying the electronic structure of TiO2 and lead-halide perovskites using a range of photoemission techniques with photon energies ranging from visible to x-ray light. These materials are of great potential importance in part due to their photovoltaic properties, making them viable candidates for the next generation of commercial solar energy harvesting materials.