Kavin Arunasalam

Trinity College Dublin


Research Project: Advanced Electron Microscopy characterisation of materials and devices for energy storage
Valeria Nicolosi (TCD) and Dr. Clotilde Cucinotta (ICL)

Kavin graduated with a MSci in Physics from University College London in 2019. He completed his master’s project in Chris Howard’s Group at UCL, focusing on the synthesis of hybrid 2D materials using graphene and monolayer MoS2 for application as an anode material in Na-ion batteries. He went on to pursue research interests in energy materials, interning at the Korea Institue of Energy Materiels (KIER) where he worked on Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOF). Currently, he is a PhD student in Valeria Nicolosi’s group, investigating MXene-based electrodes for alternative energy storage systems.