Lukas Friedrich Worch

Imperial College London


Research Project: Investigating the nanoscale solid-liquid interface for next generation batteries via cryogenic sub-atomic scale electron microscopy
Supervisors: Shelly Conroy (ICL), Baptiste Gault (ICL), Valeria Nicolosi (TCD)

Lukas graduated from the Technical University of Munich with a B.Sc. in Physics and an M.Sc. in Condensed Matter Physics. He is now working with Dr Shelly Conroy at Imperial College to investigate lithium-ion batteries. His work focuses primarily on a combination of STEM and APT at cryogenic temperatures, which will be used to investigate solid-liquid interfaces with the goal of improving the lifetime of next generation batteries.

Ryan Bower

I really enjoyed my time as a member of the CDT-ACM. It provided the opportunity to gain experience with a wide range of materials characterisation techniques and to engage with the wider research community by participating in conferences and Outreach events.