Luke Madden

Trinity College Dublin


Research Project: Advanced characterisation of materials based musculoskeletal tissue regeneration

Supervisors: David Hoey (TCD), Daniel Kelly (TCD), Alexandra Porter (ICL)

Luke graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc in Chemistry with Biophysical Chemistry in 2022. His final year project involved the creation of a novel biomaterial with potential use as a tissue engineering scaffold. His research interests are in biochemistry, biomaterials, tissue engineering, and organ-on-chip technologies. Luke’s PhD project involves the use of advanced characterisation techniques for the creation of viable organ-on-chip models of healthy and diseased human musculoskeletal tissues for animal-free testing of therapeutics.

Elwin Hunter

Studying my PhD as part of the ACM CDT not only provided me with valuable training courses and workshops on characterisation techniques, but also regular academic seminars, team activities, and discussions to help expand my interests, both inside and outside of research.