Prof Martyn McLachlan

Director Imperial College London


Professor of Thin Films, Interfaces and Electronic Devices

The focus of my research has changed since I began my career as a PhD student investigating the self-assembly of optically active structures – this relatively new field of “Photonics” offered the chance to move towards all-optical computers, superfast telecoms and a plethora of exciting stuff…sadly many challenges still exist in the area but significant progress has been made, the field has grown and delivered research and commercial success in the UK and Internationally.

The current research themes of my group are summarised below:

  • Perovskite photovoltaics
  • Oxide thin film deposition
  • Structural and microstructural characterisation
  • Measuring charge transport in oxide semiconductors
  • Optoelectronic properties of thin films
  • Novel deposition and processing techniques for oxide:organic semiconductors
  • Device fabrication (photovoltaic, light emitting diode, thin film transistor)

My research is focussed on combining the above activities into a coherent research program. Particularly my motivation is on studying and understanding the interplay between composition, structure and processing on thin-film properties. Of particular interest is the role of defects, both electronic and structural, on measured device and thin film characteristics. It is critical that these variables are not treated in isolation nor that it can be assumed that identical materials will perform and degrade similarly in dissimilar environments.