Mashu Harada

Imperial College London


Research Project: Radiation Damage of Advanced Shielding for Compact Fusion Reactors
Supervisors: Sam Humphry-Baker (ICL), Katharina Marquardt (ICL), Jack Astbury (Tokamak Energy)

Mashu graduated with a MSci In Theoretical Physics from the University of Glasgow. During his master’s project, he worked on a Particle Physics project determining the existence of hypothetical vector-type fermion. His PhD project investigates the radiation damage on a candidate shielding material to be used in a spherical tokamak. Specifically, the radiation induced gas formation, displacement damage and their effect on the microstructure of the material.

Jennifer Hack

The CDT gave me the opportunity to meet people working in different fields and gain experience in a wide range of characterisation techniques that I could apply to my research.