Oisín Fitzgerald

University College London


Research Project: Nanostencil Lithography for Atomic-Scale Fabrication Scale-Up.

Supervisors: Dr. Taylor Stock (UCL), Prof. Neil Curson (UCL), Dr. Sarah Fearn (ICL)

Oisín graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2023 with a B.A in Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials. During his undergraduate, he completed a final year project in Dr Lewys Jones’ Ultramicroscopy group, where he studied the image distortion created by stray magnetic fields in electron microscopes. His PhD project looks at developing ultrahigh vacuum nanostenciling techniques compatible with a scanning tunnelling microscope. This is to help upscale the process of creating nano-scale electronic devices.

Daphné Lubert Perquel

The CDT provided me with the tools to develop my career as a researcher and to participate in Outreach activities to broaden my skills. I really enjoyed my time as a student in the CDT and look forward to continuing collaborations with the research groups there.