Professor Yang Shao-Horn

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Professor of Energy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Prof. Yang Shao-Horn is the W.M. Keck Professor of Energy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She holds appointments in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Research Laboratory of Electronics, and has been a faculty member since 2002.Prof. Shao-Horn’s research is centered on exploiting chemical/materials physics and physical/materials chemistry principles to understand charge transfer at the solid-gas/liquid interface to design and control the kinetics of (electro)chemical reactions and ion mobility in solids and liquids for storing electrons and making chemicals/fuels. Prof. Shao-Horn and coworkers have pioneered the use of electronic structure of oxides to develop universal guiding principles, design catalytic activity and stability across reactions from oxidation of air pollutants, to making of sustainable/solar fuels such as water splitting, CO2 reduction, and nitrogen reduction. She was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2018 and awarded the Faraday Medal by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Prof. Shao-Horn is among the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds and Highly Cited Researchers.