Ronan Docherty

Imperial College London


Research Project: Enhancing the confidence of segmentation maps using complimentary data and convolutional segmentation
Supervisors: Sam Cooper (ICL), Lewys Jones (TCD)

Ronan graduated with an MSCi in Physics from Imperial College London in 2022. For his master’s thesis he studied parameterised quantum circuits and during his time at Imperial he did research projects in the Wade and Fuchter groups on creating a chiroptical imaging system. Ronan is now working with Sam Cooper on developing machine-learning based phase segmentation algorithms which utilise multi-modal data and user input for better classifications.

Joshua Bailey

Being part of the CDT-ACM was an all-round fantastic experience; I not only received great training in a range of advanced characterisation techniques, but I also made strong links with industry and strong bonds with my cohort which have both led to fruitful collaborations.