Seán Kavanagh

University College London


Research Project: Defects by Design: Next-Generation Solid State Batteries
Dave Scanlon (UCL)

Seán grew up near Dublin, where he studied Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials in Trinity College Dublin (TCD). During his studies, Seán represented TCD and achieved 2nd place in the Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition at the Dublin Institute of Technology. He also undertook an intensive course in optical and nuclear experimental physics techniques in Kazan Federal University, Russia. After experimental research projects in Nokia – Bell Labs (“Fabrication of Efficient Heat Transfer Devices via Colloidal Template Electrodeposition”) and the Nicolosi Advanced Materials group (“Synthesis and Characterisation of Ultra-Thin Tin(II) Oxide Platelets for Energy Storage Applications”), Seán decided to pursue a PhD with the CDT-ACM. Seán is particularly interested in the employment of computational methods to characterise and design next-generation energy materials. He is based at the UCL’s Chemistry department.