Simran Dhaliwal

University College London


Research Project: Electronic structure of light harvesting semiconducting oxide photo-electro-catalysis under realistic conditions
Geoff Thornton (UCL), David Payne (Imperial)

Simran graduated from The University of Reading with an MChem in 2017. Simran’s research at Reading mainly focused on developing a software for analyzing powder X-ray diffraction data. Simran is currently undertaking a PhD with the CDT-ACM under the supervision of Professor Geoff Thornton (UCL), Professor Georg Held (Diamond Light Source) and Dr David Payne (Imperial). Her current research focuses on surface science studies of physical and chemical phenomena occurring at the interface of two phases. She will aim to further bridge the pressure gap between fundamental studies and studies performed under realistic conditions. The main aim will be to investigate the photo-stability of the titanium dioxide/water interface. Simran also aims to implement a liquid cell at Diamond Light Source on the B07 beamline (AP-XPS endstation) to probe the solid/liquid interface.