Tommaso Costantini

Imperial College London


Tommaso Costantini
Research Project: Joule-heatable hybrid nancarbon network supports for CO2 capture
Milo Shaffer (Imperial), Chris Howard (UCL)

Tommaso graduated from the University of Padova with a Master’s degree in Materials Science; his Master’s thesis was focused on the functionalisation of carbon nanostructures for non-conventional composite materials.
Carbon nanostructures are known for their high electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and surface area, and Tommaso aims to develop a hybrid carbon nanotube/graphene aerogel with enhanced surface area and accessible hierarchical porosity. This nanocarbon network will be used as support for Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs) to enhance the CO2 adsorption capacity of LDH platelets. The high surface area and porosity of the support can maximise the gas accessibility and minimise the coarsening of the LDHs, improving multi-cycle stability. Furthermore, the aerogel itself will be used to heat up the LDHs during the CO2 adsorption/desorption temperature swings, via direct Joule heating, allowing uniquely fast cycling relevant to applications.
A wide range of complementary characterisation techniques will be employed in the study of the hybrid nanocarbon-sorbent material. Being a member of the CDT-ACM will support Tommaso’s project in the development of new 3D methods to characterise the anisotropic hierarchical porosity of the hybrid network.