Zifa Zuhair

University College London


Research Project: Revealing electrochemical defects in commercial li-ion cathodes with 3D-DPDF
Supervisors: Dr Alexander Rettie (UCL), Dr Rhodri Jervis (UCL), and Dr Dean Keeble (Diamond Light Source)

Zifa graduated from the University of Sheffield with a First-Class MEng degree in Chemical Engineering with Energy in 2021. For her final year research project, Zifa studied ways to inhibit dendrite formation and growth within garnet type electrolytes used in solid state batteries. She is now working with both the Electrochemical Innovation Lab at UCL and the Diamond Light Source, under the supervision of Dr Alex Rettie and Dr Dean Keeble. The research involves studying electrochemical defects in cathode materials using state-of-the art 3D-DPDF analysis.

Daphné Lubert Perquel

The CDT provided me with the tools to develop my career as a researcher and to participate in Outreach activities to broaden my skills. I really enjoyed my time as a student in the CDT and look forward to continuing collaborations with the research groups there.